Every Quepemcar expects all round development of this town and entire Municipal Jurisdiction for which all the Councilors are working in right direction, however they (Councilors) could not keep their promises made to the voters as the State Government was not co-operating and releasing required fund for the last 3 years. ...
Shri. Dayesh Naik
Smt. Darshani S. Desai
Today's day will be etched in the memory of each and every Quepekar. Today's day will be remembered by every single Quepekar as the day when the official municipal work became more accessible and easier. Today's day will remembered by Quepekar as the day when the Municipal Council took a gaint leap and decided to reach out each and every citizen of Quepem. ...
  • Smt.Deepali Naik
    Ward No:1
  • Shri.Dayesh P. Naik Ward No:2
  • Shri.Filu D'Costa
    Ward No:3
  • Smt.Rasmi Jayanand Bhandari
    Ward No:4
  • Shri.Chetan Gurudas Haldankar
    Ward No:5
  • Shri.Raul Pereira
    Ward No:6
  • Smt. Luizinha Carvalho
    Ward No:7
  • Shri.William Fernandes
    Ward No:8
  • Shri. Paulo Fernandes
    Ward No:9
  • Shri.Manuel Colaco
    Ward No:10
  • Shri.Amol Anand Kanekar
    Ward No:10